Thursday, February 25, 2010


I feel tempted to write "Let everything that has breasts praise the Lord" as the title of this post. I still might do it. It's after 1 am and my judgment is a little clouded by a serious need for sleep...

This little girl was an infant when I first met her. She was very sick, being diagnosed with pneumonia and severely malnourished. During the time she spent in the hospital her mother's milk dried up and she was unable to nurse her. I offered to step in and take the baby and nurse her for a few hours every day. I tried to have a meal prepared for the mother (Altaa, pictured here, too) as she needed some nourishment as well. The father wanted nothing to do with the gospel at the time but the grandmother and grandfather started coming to church.

A few weeks ago, at church, Altaa introduced me to her husband. He has been coming to church and is now a new believer! All thanks to breastmilk! (See, the reall stuff IS better than formula! heehee)

This not the first or the last baby I've breastfed that doesn't belong to me. In Mongolia it's not uncommon to do this sort of thing and I'm glad because it just makes so much sense. I've breastfed at least 4 babies that I can remember including one just today. It's a practical way to ensure their health, especially in such harsh weather conditions and when you look at the other option (cow's milk because formula is SO expensive or is simply unavailable) this is just so much better.

So there you have it. I was doing it before she was but good for her just the same. =)

Got milk?

Or as they say in Mongolia:

Sootai yu?


Sara said...

I have breasts and I am thankful...! Good post!

Marnie said...

Sweet story, and two beautiful faces! You never know how big an impact you will have for God in another person's life. In this case, three lives were blessed!

maggie said...

How sweet, good job mama!