Saturday, March 06, 2010

Here, Hetee, Nate and Caleb are getting ready to take the first ride down the hill. As you can see behind them the hill was really busy. The weather was beautiful and lots of kids were out playing and sledding. Caleb's younger sister, Leah took a nasty spill when a boy on a sled ran into her. She was pretty shaken up but not hurt too badly, thank God!

Abi and Kenny with New Darkhan, Old District backdropped behind them.

Making a fort!

Back home with hot chocolate, red cheeks and hopefully warm memories that will last a lifetime.


Marnie said...

I am sure they will have lots of happy memories. Sledding is so much fun, and a bit nerve-wracking too. I'm glad your little friend wasn't hurt too badly.

O My Blog! said...

You are such a good mother!!

Sara said...

Looks like a bunch of fun!