Friday, March 11, 2011

~What's been making me smile~

  • Talking to my friends in Tokyo and finding out that they and others we know there are fine. Whew!
  • Playing mad libs with NATE and giggling like crazy. Who knew grammar could be so fun?!
  • Mud! The snow is melting and I never thought I'd be so happy to see MUD.
  • I found *Smarties* at a store in town today!!! (Apollo, for you locals) Yum! The taste reminds me of America and Bellina's and Maw Maw Teta. Now if I could just find those fudgesicles she used to get. =)
  • A lovely lunch date with my husband today and being out and about with him in the warm sun.
  • We can find whole wheat in Darkhan now! So we've been enjoying pancakes and tortillas and bread all made with wholewheat flour. Yum!
  • Lydia, the care package queen, makes us feel so loved with her thoughtfulness. She is always making us smile with her loving and generous care packages.
  • Chat times with my buddy, Sara.
  • My new sewing machine, although I have yet to actually set it up and sew something. Soon!
  • Eva is talking so much in both Mongolian and English and is by far the most verbal of all my babies. She really keeps us entertained!

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Anonymous said...

The exact things making me smile too. Hetee