Wednesday, September 20, 2006

25 things that brighten my day
  1. Kenny's smile
  2. a huge mug of coffee, preferably with my mom
  3. lightening someone's load, especially a young mother
  4. watching CSI with Hetee
  5. skyping friends in Mexico
  6. eating lunch with my kids at their little table
  7. having a long nap with no interruptions
  8. a hot bubble bath
  9. a good book
  10. making a new friend on or offline
  11. when Nate catches on to a lesson I have been trying to teach him
  12. cinnamon toast
  13. the way Abi calls me "mama"
  14. dinner out with friends
  15. finding money, even if it's just a little, from a pocket or an old purse
  16. giving something away
  17. getting an email from a friend
  18. chocolate, of course
  19. discovering and passing on a Bible truth
  20. looking at my new living room rug
  21. window shopping with Hetee
  22. smoothies
  23. saving a baby's life from abortion
  24. trying or inventing a new recipe
  25. cooking with Hetee

1 comment:

Allison M. said...

Great list! I love to make list of the things I appreciate. It always seems that your life is not so bad, when you can stop and find the good in it.