Friday, November 24, 2006

Beijing Red

Today I purchased a bottle of conditioner. The name of it is Beijing Red but it's actually yellow.

Anyway the reason I got it is because of the English writing on the bottle (and I was out of conditioner, too). This is what it says (spelling errors and everything):
It conrtains specific composition, can get rid of the remaining chemical matter which is dyed and p-ermed. It makes dyed hair soft and springy and gets permed hair shiny and lasting. It contains strong moist compostion, can avoid hair becoming dry, and get hair soft and maneagabie.

Then on the front it says:
It makes hair as sick

I can only assume they mean "silk".

Ah, Mongolia--the land of never-ending blog material.

1 comment:

amanda said...

i was out of town for a few days for thanksgiving and just now caught up on your posts. i am totally laughing about the conditioner bottle. is it making your hair sick? ;)