Monday, January 08, 2007


Nate loves to be kissed and have something to show everyone!

Those of you reading this, please be in prayer for Nate (age4.5). He is showing symptoms of measles. The poor fella has been having fever and cold symptoms and his eyes are sensitive to light. Today we noticed the rash and now it's all over the back of his neck and back and chest.

This morning Hetee and I were discussing what we thought Nate might have and Hetee mentioned chicken pox. Nate, not one to pass up an opportunity to get extra love and attention, not to mention juice, is telling everyone he has chicken "fox".

Please pray for a speedy recovery and for Abi and Kenny's health as well. Thank you!


Gombojav said...

Meg got measles while we were in Mongolia. Meg and Israel had chicken pox there as well.

Hope he gets a good enough case of whatever to give him a lifetime of immunity, but short lived and not too uncomfortable!

Baths with lots of oatmeal and herbs in them help.


amanda said...

i am praying for nate. keep me updated on his health.
and i loved your previous post about ice skating and friendships. i have been thinking a lot about friendships lately, too. i have rekindled some that had died after high school. it isn't always easy, but it is good.