Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

Yesterday morning I woke up and looked over to the night table and saw a rose. Underneath it was a letter from my Sweetheart, on pink paper. Nate, who loves all holidays, came bounding in and gave his daddy the gift we got for him and Hetee and I gave the kids theirs. It was so fun to see the look of excitement on everyone's faces!

Then Hetee and Nate headed off to get the car tuned before we go to UB for the lunar new year on Sunday. Abi, Kenny and I stayed hom and cleaned up and made granola bars. When Hetee and Nate got back I finished up in the kitchen and mentioned that I needed to take a bath before going out for dinner. Hetee asked if I would like him to run my bath water and I said, "sure". As I sat back in a tubfull of wonderfully warm water, somthing caught my eye. On the shelf by my head was another rose and another letter! I read it and smiled to myself. What a great guy!

Then around 6 we went to the Texas Pub for dinner. Hetee brought my favorite CD and asked them to play it. Everything was very romantic until the CD started skipping. We laughed.

After dinner we went to the store to pick up some snacks because we were having some friends over. There was a Coca-Cola promotion going on and with the purchase of about $7.00 USD of Coke products they were giving away cool tote bags. Now, I go goo-goo over tote bags and Hetee knows this. He looked at me with a crazy look in his eyes and said, "Do you want to do something stipid?" I said, "Sure, why not?" So we got $7.00 worth of Minute Maid O.J., about 6 liters (we don't drink coke). And I got my totebag. =)

Our friends came over and we talked and played a board game called "Settlers of Catan". I got another rose before going to bed and woke up to yet another present on my nightstand this morning--a small box of potpourri.

Thanks for the best Valentine's so far, Sweetie. I love you!


amanda said...

this is one of the most romantic valentine's day stories i have heard in a long time!

Gombojav said...

I love tote bags, too. Gana doesn't understand my obsession with bags either.

Have a great Tsaagan Sar! Eat some buuz and take a shot for me. :-P

Actually we always celebrate Tsaagan Sar, even here. But, my buuz don't come out quite as good as Gana's mothers!

Sara said...

I told Brad how romantic Hetee is and Brad asked if he will be holding a brown bag session (on romance) any time...ha ha