Monday, March 12, 2007

Home on the range

Well, I'm happy to report that we have finally moved into our little house with a yard! We got our telephone and ADSL hooked up today, no small miracle after being told that we would be able to have neither (no connection ports in our area). Hetee talked to some people and got everything taken care of. Who's da man?

It's so wonderful to finally have a yard! The kids and I can't get enough of it. Nate loves playing with the neighbors' dog, N.J. Our neighbors are a missionary family with YWAM. They are from Brazil and really sweet (not like the crazy Brazilians you see at the World Cup, haha). The bad news is that they will be moving in a few months, so if anyone out there is thinking of moving to Mongolia, the house next door will be available by July!

We're still unpacking and settling in and every now and then the kids tell me they miss something about the apartment. Nate said he wishes we brought the toilet and, for a while, everytime I pulled something from a box, Abi would exclaim, "I have one of those at my house!" Last night Nate and I were cuddling in front of the TV and he looked up at me with his big, beautiful eyes and asked, "Mommy, when is it all going to feel old?"

I knew exactly what he meant. I get teary eyed thinking about our apartment, all empty now. I rode over there the other day with Hetee to pick up some last minute things but when we got there I couldn't make myself get out of the car. I thought Hetee would tease me but he understood. I sat in the car, trying to swallow the lump in my throat but ended up crying anyway. I looked up at the balcony and almost saw Nate and Abi looking back down at me.

Oh poo, I'm crying again...

I'll say goodbye for now but will post more soon. I'll try to get some pictures uploaded over the next few days as we settle in. I love you guys.


Gombojav Tribe said...

I can relate.


PS You keep changing your blogger template. This one looks really good. Do you like it?

amanda said...

sorry you are missing your apartment. i haven't lived in one place longer than a year since i turned 18, so i can't imagine how hard it is to move. i hope you will feel settled soon.