Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's making me smile these days...

  1. Mango puree on waffles
  2. Putting everyone to bed and enjoying a bowl of corn flakes in peace.
  3. New shoes for Kenny
  4. Seeing God provide. Again.
  5. Happy endings*
  6. Happy babies
  7. My Mongolian helper making tortillas and being better at it than me
  8. Seeing my husband's unfailing compassion and generosity toward others and seeing him being blessed for it.
  9. Seeing the look on people's face when I tell them I never went to "school"
  10. Looking at Munkhush snuggled with his mommy, sleeping on my living room floor right now!

* Tsatsral came today and we had a long talk. She has decided to keep Munkhush! We have set her up to stay in an apartment we rent for orphan girls. A young lady in my g12 runs this ministry and she lives in the apartment with her mom and, currently, one orphaned teenage girl. It couldn't have worked out better! We will help by watching Munkhush while his mommy works, for the time being. It turns out she was trained as a hairdresser but couldn't afford her equipment so never actually worked at a salon. She still needs to take one course (approx 40.00 USD) and buy her equipment (approx 100.00 USD) then she'll be ready to start. Please keep these things lifted up before the Lord; the expenses, the new plans, etc.

Thank you all again for praying!

What's been making you smile?


Twila G. said...

I love happy endings too!! What a blessing that you have been able to reunite this little family and help her out so much. I will be praying for Tsatsral and Munkhush. I am praying that God will bless your family for your generosity!!
As for things that make me smile...
1.Cooler weather and the start of fall (my favorite season!)
2.Enjoying a cup of coffee on the couch with my sweet husband.
3.Goodnight kisses with my kids.
And last but certainly not least 4.Answered prayers!!

Camelrider said...

Just wanted to say how touched by Tsatsral and Munkhush's story. I will keep them in my prayers. I am soooo thankful that you and Hetee are there to be God's hand extended to them.
Kath the camelrider