Monday, October 01, 2007

Heart Wrenching

Today I was out in the yard when I realized someone was at our gate. It was a very poor lady who goes to our church. She came to tell me of a baby boy, about 5 months old, who was abandoned recently whom she took in. She herself has 6 kids and they are extremely poor (they come to us for food several times a month) and she was beside herself because the baby had ran out of things to eat (they were feeding him cream of wheat). I gave her some cream of wheat and ground oatmeal. She told me that the baby was in the hospital because he suddenly got a high fever the night before. I urged her to get the baby out of the hospital and get him over to our house as soon as possible.

I had to go to a meeting but I prayed that he'd be there by the time I returned. I called Hetee (he was out of town) and he agreed that the sooner this little guy was with us, the better. About 15 minutes into my meeting, my babysitter called and said that the lady from church had come and brought the baby. Yes! I told the babysitter to bathe him and put clean clothes on him.

I got home and had to fight the tears, my heart ached so much for him. Nate put my feelings into words when he said, "Mommy, his crying makes me want to cry, too." I tried to nurse him but it was obvious he had not nursed before. I had to really teach him how to latch on! He kept biting down and trying to chew or something. He finally caught on and nursed till his little heart's content. Then Hetee held him, prayed for and blessed him.

Nate said, "I hate his mommy and daddy for doing this for him. I hope they never come and get him". I had no words to say.

We don't know his name. We think he's about 5 months old. He has a terrible diaper rash and a few huge mosquito bites but other than that appears healthy. The doctors in the hospital diagnosed him with pneumonia. That's another one for the "stupid doctors" file.

He's all clean now (he was filthy and full of pee) and sleeping peacefully. He's very sweet and has a beautiful little face! Who could leave such a little creature all alone?

Please pray for him, for his future and for his life. He's already won his way into our hearts and we are talking about all the possible things that could happen if no one comes to claim him.


Gombojav Tribe said...


I'll be praying for you all.

I remember a conversation we had years ago. You said that when you adopted a baby you wanted the baby that no one else wanted. You didn't want any adopted children that someone else was willing adopt. You wanted the one who was all alone in the world.

Maybe the Lord is giving you the desire of your heart.

Praying for you guys.

Rodney Petersen said...

Melanie you are an incredible lady!! Hetee, I love it that his first response is always to pray.
We will pray for wisdom for all who are concerned with the life of this child.
May God's love overwhelm you in this situation.

Twila G. said...

My heart is breaking for this precious little one. Here in America I am so far removed from such poverty and despair that would cause someone to abandon their own flesh and blood. Your posts help me to see beyond my own little world and remind me that there are so many, many people who are hurting and need Jesus. What an inspiration to see how God is using you and Hetee in so many ways. I will be praying for God's will for this little Gift you are caring for, and that He will give you and your husband
wisdom as to the next step to take. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

~ Amanda ~ said...

oh mel, my heart is broken too. i'm praying for you and hetee, nate, abi, and kenny. the Father will make it clear just what he wants you to do for this precious little boy.