Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hello and Thank You!

I just wanted to say a quick, "hi" to my actual readers. I know it's more than 3; I was just being silly. I do get comments from time to time, from people I don't know (and people I do know) and I just wanted to take the time to say hello and thank you! It is encouraging to know that people find my blog interesting.

About the look-alike meters: I think it's funny that our children can look so Caucasian and Asian at the same time. Abi was very distressed that she looked more like her daddy than me. She pouted for the longest time over it. Nate was equally upset that he looked more like "a girl" than his daddy. Kenny was not bothered that he was right in the middle.

All for now. I'm off to make some French toast for lunch. Or are we calling it "freedom" toast now? I've been gone too long...

1 comment:

Anitz said...

Please tell your little girl that there will come a day when she will unmistably look more like her mommy!