Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I just wanted to quickly share a neat phone call I got on Sunday...

It was from a lady who saw me on TV talking about abortion. She got my number from the TV network and called just to encourage me. She's Mongolian, a bit older than me. She cried over the phone when she told me that she didn't know that abortion was wrong and she had an abortion before. I encouraged her and told her that by God's grace she now knew the truth so she would not have to walk in ignorance and sin anymore. This is where she told me that she's not a Christian but she had to believe in God because only God could bring an American girl from the States, teach me Mongolian, and give me a word for the Mongolian women! I got goose bumps because, although I had gotten some feedback before about the program, this was different. Someone had actually come to knowledge of God through the airing of the pro-life program! This was my desire from the beginning-- I didn't just want to tell people that abortion is wrong. I was also praying that souls would be saved through the message as well.

This lady said that she wants to help support Little Hearts. She had been saving up and wanted to know how to give the money. This is the first time a non-Christian (but not for long!) Mongolian woman has wanted to help us financially in getting the pro-life word out.

Many of you pray for and financially support us. I hope this encouraged you as much as it did me!


Sara said...

God is God!!

Twila G. said...

What an answer to prayer! I am so excited to hear this! Thanks for sharing.