Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers' Day (and a few random thoughts...)

Happy belated Mothers' Day to all you mothers out there. I sincerely hope your day was better than mine. =) The night of the 10th we got back from UB and I went to bed with a migraine headache (more like a face ache!)-- my 3rd one ever. It lasted all night and was still sensitive to light and sound in the morning. And I had PMS. grrrrr

That night a pipe cracked in our living room (one of the radiators) and we awoke to a pool of water all over the floor. This is in addition to the leak that already existed in the kids' room. It's been leaking for over a month but we hadn't been able to change the pipe because the city hasn't turned off the hot water yet.

So, Sunday I stayed home with the kids (who all had runny noses, by the way) going back and forth from the living room to the kids' room sopping up water with huge bath towels. And trying to ignore the fact that it was mothers' day.

But I was determined to have a good day, even if it took some creativity. I had made plans to go out to eat with my mom but the pipes, being as they were and Hetee having to preach 2 sermons on Sundays, I decided to just have him bring me some stuff from the store on his way back from the second service and I'd make supper for all of us. It was a challenge, especially since a woman from church showed with her sick baby and stayed for about 4 hours. But in the end, we had a nice meal of beef curry, chapatis and green salad (a delicacy!). I wasn't going to push my luck trying to make a dessert so we had ice cream and canned peaches. =)

Then, we topped our evening off with a game of Scrabble. Thankfully my day ended considerably better than it began. I must have wiped a thousand things that day- from water leaks, to noses, to milk, to poopy bottoms. If anything, it all helped me appreciate my mom better on mothers' day. =)

Back to the migraines, my first one was about a month and a half ago. I was so sick I almost vomited from the pain. We were driving in UB after dark and the oncoming car lights and traffic lights were just unbearable! Then the motion of the car just made it worse. It lasted well into the night but then I felt better in the morning. Since then I had a milder one then the one I got on the night of the 10th was intense and lasted all night. Hetee noticed that they seem to come around the time I get PMS symptoms. I noticed that they only happen in UB or on the way back from UB. One thing I'm sure of, this ain't your typical run-of-the-mill-headache.

The kids' sniffles are getting better. They're still a bit congested but we've been drinking carrot juice and staying away from sweets. There's been an outbreak of the dreaded new strand of foot and mouth disease IN DARKHAN (!!!) so I'm keeping a close eye on them. They've quarantined several places in town and people are being encouraged to not bring small children out. I'm trying not to panic but I ask that you be praying for us to remain peaceful and healthy.

Well, I'm off to finish a batch of chocolate crinkles. The dough has to set in the fridge for 4 hours and I'm as impatient as Nate when it comes to recipes like that.


Sara said...

If I were there, I would have helped you with that water,my friend. I am glad that is over for you!

Twila G. said...

So sorry about your rather stressful Mothers Day. I appreciate your determination to have a good day regardless. God made note of every beautiful act of "wiping" that you did! May He bless and encourage you. You are such an inspiration to me!!