Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another Day At the River

On Thursday Hetee came home from his office and announced that he had canceled the church leaders' meeting and that he wanted to take us to the river (I LOVE this guy!). I quickly boiled some eggs for a snack and threw some towels in the car and we were off!

On our short drive through the countryside we saw several animals, mostly sheep, horses and goats. This lamb was too cute. We watched him nurse then snapped this quick photo. Didn't want to disturb the wildlife, you know? Haha

We had a nice time, just the 5 of us at our favorite spot. The kids swam at the edge of the river as it was a bit flooded from all the rain we've been getting. We don't have swimsuits here so the kids swam in their birthday suits (I won't be posting those pics). I tried to convince Hetee to join them but he refused. =) I just think he didn't trust me with the camera.

We enjoyed the sunshine, the breeze, the goofy kids, and the feeling of playing hooky (since we were supposed to be having a meeting).

Thank you, Sweetheart, for making the time to make memories with us! I love you!

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