Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Happy Day

...when I chased 13 cows away.

Yes, I counted them and there were 13. You see, my husband left the gate open again and the yard quickly filled up with cows, eager to chomp down on our ridiculously overgrown grass. Not that I mind, it's just that we have several berry bushes and, well, they eat those, too.

So, Nate grabbed his sling shot and I, the broom and we headed out. Kenny was barefoot so I slung him up to my right hip and, holding the broom with my left hand we got to work, shooing and yelling. It was muddy and the cows were obstinate. Did I mention there were 13 full-grown cows? Not like the 2 calves Abi and Nate had handled earlier this morning on their own. These cows were not going anywhere until they'd had their full of grass.

I guess it was pretty comical. I was frustrated. Nate was getting more of a response with his slingshot and yelling the Mongolian "hoosh". He got about 7 of them out then came to help me. As soon as he turned his back a big cow with huge horns tried to get back in, so he had to deal with her. He smacked her on the behind for good measure.

I tried all my best cow "threats" in the deepest, throatiest voice I could muster, but it didn't work. (all it did was make Kenny giggle) I even hit and prodded with the broom but to no avail.

I was following behind one cow, finally making some progress, but I was looking down to sidestep the mud and cow doo doo when she stopped dead in front of me. Kenny and I almost ran smack into her rear end. (She looked like she needed to do some serious kegels, too) It didn't look pretty at all back there.

We got the last of them out and, as we closed the gate, Nate wondered breathlessly why we couldn't do it again because it was so fun.

I was out of breath and ready to let Hetee have it for not closing the gate behind him. But then I thought it would be much nicer if I just went out and closed it myself after he drives off so he wouldn't have to keep getting in and out of the car. Cause it's the least I can do for such a great guy, ya know? Either that, or get my work out chasing cows to the amusement of the neighbors.


Twila G. said...

Very funny post. I needed a good laugh. Tell Nate we're impressed with his natural "cow-herding" ability! (Sounds like you need a ryskwvrqlittle more practice :)

Twila G. said...

Sorry about all those extra letters. I'm not sure what happened.