Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Tweaking...

...has lead to more and more tweaking. I've finally settled on this look.

Out with the green and in with the crispy white. For now anyway!

What do you guys think about my new blog look?

I thought long and hard for a new name. Since my blog wasn't just about life in Mongolia, I felt I needed a name that gave me a little more room with which to express myself. Hopefully, you'll get to know me better as my blog evolves and changes with me.

I love to sing and, in Psalms, David talks about singing of the mercies of the Lord forever!

There's another reason behind my change. You've probably heard the Gypsy Kings or Dean Martin singing "Volare". Well, Hetee was just putting together his blog (I've been bugging him to start!) and he asked me to suggest a cool Spanish name. I suggested "Volare" and he used it. So, I changed my blog name to "Cantare" and now we have "Volare" and "Cantare".

Hetee helped me find my header art, which ironically is named "Liberi di volare" (means 'free to fly' I think.) But I think the imagery goes well with "Cantare", too.

Yes, I think I'll stick with this look for a while.

Oh, I should mention that Hetee's blog is in Mongolian. ;)


Twila G. said...

Very nice! I really like this new look!

Sara said...

I like it, Melanie!