Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Sunday afternoon, the kids are in bed for their quiet time and I choose not to nap which is ODD.

Lately I've been sick with laryngitis and a really painfully sore throat, but today I'm starting to feel better. I even did a little picking up around the house and took some chicken out of the freezer to thaw, just to avoid the feeling of being totally useless. I get that a lot when I've been sick and the house is a mess and my kids have had nothing but "bread and spread" for three days in a row.

Having laryngitis has been no fun at all. I know, being sick period is no fun but laryngitis has to be the least fun of all the "itis" 's. Web md says to rest the voice as much as possible but in my house, that's just not possible. I never realized before how much I call my kids to come to me. For the past few days I've had to physically go and round them up for dinner, baths etc.

Kenny thought I was playing a fun game when I "sternly" whispered for him to stop spilling his water at the dinner table. He whispered something back then proceeded to spill the contents of his cup onto the table. Funny kid.

Nate showed some sympathy at my lack of voice and said, "Poor Mom. Now you can't get angry."

I guess I can't complain. I don't get sick very often. In fact, this is the longest I've been sick in a while. So, I'm taking it easy and keeping my vitamins and carrot juice up. Hopefully I'll be back to my loud self soon. =)

In other news, my baby turns 2 in 12 days! Nate and Abi are helping me plan a picnic by the river for our little Boss's big day.

Other than that, I'm trying to learn to trust God more, not take myself too seriously and to enjoy life in Mongolia.

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Twila G. said...

So sorry you've been sick! Please tell Kenny "Happy Birthday" for us. Take care of yourself.We'll be praying for you.