Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back From the Country

We just got back from our church summer program. Please head over to Storing Up Treasures to read the update and see some pictures.

While we were in the countryside Nate caught a (tiny) fish with a handmade fishing rod. He used a cricket for bait. Hetee was watching him and he said that Nate just stood there, holding the rod like he'd done it a million times before. When he felt a tug on the line he calmly pulled it in, removed the fish and brought it to one of the guys to cook it. The young man made soup with the tiny fish and even put some veggies in it.

Nate brought me the bowl of soup, with the whole fish in it (minus the head, mind you) and sat there, proud as punch as he watched me eat it.

Who's da man?

Abi had fun, catching tiny frogs. Thank God she didn't expect me to eat them, too.

Boy, we had a terrible lightening/rain/wind storm! Abi was terrified and kept praying over and over for God to hide us under His wings (which He did. Honestly, who could resist her?)

Nate, who is usually scared of things like that, was surprisingly calm. Well, I don't know if calm is the word I'd use to describe him. He was crazy with excitement the whole time. We were scared, trying to hold the tent upright in the wind and he was there goofing off, exclaiming that
it was the best day of his life. To which Abi replied, "Nate, you'd better get serious and pray. You don't want to die do you?!"

Aaaah, it's good to be home. I'm not a outdoors-y type of person. As much as I enjoy the sun and the river, I always look forward to getting home, taking a warm bath and checking my email.

The next lightening storm we have, I'm really going to appreciate having a solid roof over my head!

Oh, I'd add some pictures to this post but my connection is painfully SLOW!

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Laura Crocker said...

HI from UB. You have been here a long time, wow.
Hope your work is going well in Darkhan.