Saturday, September 06, 2008

One Of Those Days

Today I'm having a rough day. It started last night with an argument and a migraine. The argument has been resolved but the migraine is still raging.

The kids are out of sorts (well, mostly it's just Nate) and the plumbers have been here all day banging and welding to fix the leaky pipe in the kids' bedroom.

I feel so disgusted with myself. I try and try to keep it all together- motherhood, being a good wife, ministry etc. But lately it seems like all I've been doing is trying hard not to look and act like the one thing I am-- a tired as heck mother of three young children who has no idea how to keep it all together.

Prayers much appreciated.

*sniff, sniff*


Peggy Lorenz said...

I'll be praying for a mother of four, I've been where you are many, many times!

Marnie S. said...

I am really feeling for you right now. You have had some extreme things to handle lately, the funeral, sending your son to school outside the home. I think the Lord (and your body) are telling you it's time to slow down and release some of that stress. It's OK to take a day and just rest in the Lord. A migraine may send you to bed in a dark room, use that time to seek Him. He will give you rest for your soul and your body. I will be praying for you...

mandkhaic said...

Girl, I know how you feel. I am tired mother of two, and I don't have a half of what you do!!! So I would say that you are being a human. Take care of yourself and go take a hike, literally. (Do it with Hetee though)
When you are weak, you are strong in God. I encourage you in all you do and you inspire me to be a better wife, mother, human and believer. Thank you. I am praying for your opportunity to rest and recharge.

Cheri said...

Melanie - you mean you're NORMAL? Really?

Marriage, motherhood and ministry all get overwhelming sometimes. Remember to lay your burdens down at the Lords' feet, where they belong.

Thank you so much for the card. You were right - my son was excited about the Mongolian $! We're going to pass the stamp on to a friend who collects stamps, so it was a triple gift -card, $, and stamps!

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

Oh hun, you are not the only mother who has those days, (or weeks in my case sometimes). You have no reason to feel disgusted. It happens sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I am falling apart. The only thing I can do if pray and meditate on it. Ask God to help me through this difficult time.

Jamie E said...

aww, prayers and support. So there.

Yashuaslave, dulos77 via yahoo said...

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Yahshuaslave Jeff