Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile...

With all that's been going on this past week, the funeral and everything, it was hard to think of something to smile about. But, as I'm sitting and thinking about what to write, I am starting to feel much better. These "what's been making me smile" posts are really therapeutic. =)

So here you have it. Here's what's been making me smile:
  1. the smell of Kenny's hair when he comes in from the sunny outdoors
  2. hearing about Nate's funny school antics
  3. Abi and her "Hello Kitty" coloring book
  4. coffee
  5. coffee
  6. Did I mention coffee?
  7. A package from Sara with a brand new SHARP Cutco kitchen knife, among other cool stuff
  8. the fact that we no longer live in a fifth floor apartment (well, this one mostly makes me sigh in relief rather than smiling)
  9. Tom and Jerry
  10. A husband who adores me and makes me feel like I belong
What about you? Have you been having a tough week and need to list your reasons for smiling? Leave a comment!


Gombojav Tribe said...

The first day of school....

~freshly sharpened new pencils
~new boxes of crayons
~art projects
~reading lessons
~seeing the light of revelation in their eyes when they "get it"

Anonymous said...

- a cooler weather ( around 93F)
- my yoga class
- Reuben's smiley face when he comes out of his school
- Keri's adoration for her brother
- school nights. The kids go to bed about 9 and I get to stay up by myself and get some school work done.
- Reuben and Keri "reading" books together and their laughter.
- J's love and devotion to me and to our family.

Leona said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, Im glad I could help:) Im so sorry about your friends baby, this is the hardest thing EVER to have to go through... I am here if you have any questions, or ANY advice. Nice "meeting" you.