Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile...

  1. Nate understanding the power of prayer in his life
  2. Warm arms to rest in every night
  3. Seeing Bogi and Enkhmaa in their new apartment
  4. Abi's beautiful hair
  5. Another baby saved from abortion, another mother spared the heartache
  6. Printing worksheets of the Internet for the kids and seeing their imaginations run wild
  7. Earlier bedtimes all around
  8. Peach jello with whip cream for dessert the other night
  9. Lost sheep returning to the fold
  10. Kenny's singing
  11. The digital camera which we thought was broken turned out to be ok. It was only the memory card that was broken. Yay!!!
What's been making you smile? Leave a comment and spread the smiles!


~ Amanda ~ said...

yay for things to smile about. i'm so glad your camera isn't broken. can't wait to see more pix. :)

Gombojav Tribe said...

Navchaa and Lida arrive here tomorrow!!!

Twila G. said...

I love your "what makes me smile" lists. They always make me smile too.
Here are a few things on my list.
1. Enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts with my kids.
2. Cooler days and the anticipation of autumn.
3. Caleb practicing on his new guitar.
4. Heidi making cookies all by herself.
5. Eating the yummy applesauce Caleb made.
6. Watching Caleb and Keith take their first karate lesson.
6. Sitting on the couch with my honey after the kids are in bed drinking tea and watching old episodes of Northern Exposure.