Sunday, October 26, 2008

Loooong Day

But a good one, so I can't complain. It kind of started last night when Kenny developed a fever of 102. He didn't have any other symptoms besides a runny nose so I wasn't sure what was causing his fever. I started him on a homeopathic remedy and stayed up until midnight to observe him and give him his remedy every 2 hours. Sometime in the night I checked him again and the fever was gone.

Normally I wouldn't be so touchy about a little old fever but, having found out that friends lost their 4 month old baby to meningitis the day before, my nerves were a little jittery. Apparently the baby was fine, then got a fever during the night and then died the following morning. The parents attended my birth class when they were pregnant and this was their first baby. So sad.

So, I was trying to remain calm, but thoughts of meningitis and possibly an emergency trip to UB weren't far from my mind as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke in the morning to hear both Kenny and Abi coughing. Thank God, I thought. Just a cold.

We stayed home from church and in the mid-morning, the kids played outside (Weather was beautiful! Not many days like these left!) The boys with their daddy's tools and Abi with some bubbles. At one point, Kenny tried blowing bubbles. He got so excited that he stuck the wand in his mouth. Imagine our surprise when he opened his mouth and a bubble came floating out. We laughed till we cried at the look of utter amazement on his face

After a long, Benadryl induced nap, Abi and Ken played the rest of the afternoon. Now they seem to be feeling better.

While the 2 little ones napped, Nate practiced his Mongolian reading. Then we made apple crisp. Mmmm...

After our snack I catnapped on the sofa with Molly (who is the cutest kitty you ever saw, by the way.) while Nate finished his chores then played quietly on the computer and watched TV. See, I told you it was a good day.

Hetee is on his way back from UB. He went alone this time since we still haven't found a nanny/helper. Even if we had, it would take a while of working together and getting the kids used to her before leaving her in charge.

I'm married to a great guy, you know? Until now, he's always made sure I've had help around the house. He's always insisted that it be full time so on some days he can just whisk me off my feet and take me out on a whim. For ministry purposes, of course. Yeah.

But alas, we've looked high and low for a helper and have come up dry. We have had some great girls in our 7 years as a family and I've hated to see them go. But I do think it's good for them to study and better themselves, blah, blah, blah. I really do. It's just that this time I'm up a creak (or a "crick" as my Paw Paw would say) without a paddle. Not that I mind the housework and the kids. I just miss the flexibility I had before. And it's nice to have an extra pair of loving hands to help me with the kiddos. Hetee's been great, though; washing the dishes every chance he gets. He also does his own ironing, but he's always done that. He's a bit obsessive when it comes to sleeves. Don't mess with his sleeves.

And since we're on the topic of how cool and nice and sweet and thoughtful my husband is, here's another thing he does that I SO appreciate: He calls me when he's coming after dark instead of knocking so that I won't be startled by the knocking. (Our door locks from the inside and I have to lock it to keep stray drunks etc., out). He knows how jumpy I am (sign of a guilty conscious? tee hee) and tries his best to not give me a heart attack. Sweet, huh?

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