Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Packages!

The long awaited Christmas packages have arrived! The first one (contents pictured below, is from Lydia, a new Cyber friend who read my blog and decided to bless us. This is the second package she has sent and it contained 2009 planners and calendars-- about 40 to bless our leaders, and a stocking chocked full of goodies FOR ME! Also included were candy canes, Oil of Olay products (an answer to prayer!), a candle a DVD for the kids, ornaments and other Christmasy knick knacks. We were SO thrilled! We kept exclaiming over and over again how thoughtful Lydia was. The kids and I prayed for her on the spot to be blessed like she had been a blessing to us.

Then, yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when the Post Office called and told me to come at 5 pm to meet the customs agent and pick up 2 more packages! These were from the ladies' group at my home church, Word of Life, in Louisiana. I heard that for their Christmas party, instead of bringing gifts for each other, they brought things for our family. We were awestruck and speechless and SO excited when we dove in discovered all the wonderful gifts they sent.

Graham crackers!

Here's Abi, sampling her first ever graham cracker! I told her little children in American eat those before they even have teeth. =)

More graham crackers!

The 2 packages from Word of Life were packed full of goodies such as, instant pudding, cheesecake, toys, books, jewelry and clothes (expensive and perfect fit!!!) for me and Hetee. Each item was special and we appreciated how much love and service went into both boxes. It was such a blessing and we were so touched that they thought of us and blessed us in such a powerful, tangible way. Not that it's about the stuff, although it's nice to get things from back home. It's about feeling loved and thought about even when you're going through a dry patch on the field or in ministry or in your personal life. The fact that someone thought about you and spent money and time on you makes you feel like a million bucks!

And, of course, the best part of receiving a care packages is...

Playing with the box afterward!

Thank you all again and again!

I also have to say another thank you to Living Hope Church and to Pastor Keith and Penny and to Brad and Sara for purchasing a laptop for my husband. He got it this week and has already began working on some translation. He and I are so thrilled and feel so blessed, again, by you guys!

Everyone, THANK YOU!


Michele said...

Yay for packages! They are the best! And you're right about it not really being about the stuff inside the box (even though that stuff is so exciting) it's about the thought, time, and effort someone else put into it for YOU. And making you feel like you really aren't forgotten. It really does mean the world! (And I'm totally jealous over those graham crackers!)

Sara said...

Hey mel,

For some reason you aren't getting my emails...they are being returned.

Melanie said...

Sara, it could be our server...it does that from time to time, I'm told.

Hetee and I are working on a big translation project... the life of Abraham teachings on DVD. Whew! Lot's of work!

I'm on yahoo msngr if you need me.