Friday, January 16, 2009

He Warmed My Heart

The other morning as Nate and I rushed out to catch the bus, we forgot Nate's hat. Tuesdays are self-proclaimed half days, so after school we had to walk instead of take the bus home at 3 pm. As we were walking to a street where we could catch a taxi, I asked him if his ears were cold. He said "yes". I took off my ear warmers and put them on his ears. He said, "But Mommy, you're going to be cold." I told him that I'd rather my ears to be cold than his.

With a look of utter love and appreciation on his little face, he looked up at me and said, "God bless you, Mommy."


Anita J. said...

Awww, what a sweetie! I find myself wanting to 'save' your blog for some reason. It almost feels like I know you. I save my close friends' blogs like that. Kind of funny since I don't really know you.

I have been meaning to ask you about the books. Please let me know some specifics about what you want (easy readers, beginning chapter books, baby books with words and pictures, etc.). I also don't remember if I asked if second hand books are okay.

Also, if you have a favorite author (or two or three) please let me know that, too.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

what a sweetheart!