Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sanctity of Human Life

Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. Prov. 24:11

In keeping with the theme of "Sanctity of Human Life" week, I've put together a little post that I hope will encourage you.

Take heart! People are listening and they are choosing life over death.

The following pictures were taken during a time of prayer and dedication of 2 babies who wouldn't be here today had their parents followed the advice of relatives and doctors and aborted them. Instead, both babies are alive, thriving, full of potential and with a whole destiny ahead of them!

This baby's mom is a single mother. Her cell group leader helped her see that abortion is wrong. She was abandoned by the baby's father when she refused to have an abortion. She received prenatal vitamins and support and is still going strong today despite the difficult circumstances in which she lives.

As I looked out over the room full of outstretched hands I couldn't help but think of the irony. Her main concern was that she would not have anyone to support her and stand by her. But now, she had a whole church praying and supporting her in her decision to have and raise her child in the ways of God.

This next couple was pressured to have an abortion because of the poor health of the mother. She had kidney problems, among other things and was told she would never be able to have children. Once she became pregnant the doctors told her they'd have nothing to do with her because they feared for her life. She was discouraged but found hope in the church community (we've got tons of those stories!). Right before delivery she went for a check-up and the doctor apologized for being harsh before; that she was healthy and there was obviously nothing wrong to make them fear like that. So, not only was this baby saved from abortion but the mother was apparently healed, too. She had a perfectly successful delivery and has been in perfect health since her little girl was born 3 months ago!

I can't tell you how happy I am that this guy's mom decided not to abort. She had all the reasons and the paperwork for it (back in communist times they had to have special permission papers) but she chose life instead. If not for my mother-in-law's bravery and stubbornness, my husband and my children would not be here today, proclaiming the truth, as living testimonies to life in the womb.


Marnie said...

Very beautiful! Thankyou for sharing the pictures and the testimonies, and keep up your awesome work as the Lord leads you!!

Sue said...

I am crying tears of thankfulness. Our God is so good! Thank you for sharing these beautiful testimonies. My husband's mother was also advised to abort him because she was "too old" (she was 35!). I am so very thankful for her decision for life instead of death!

Anonymous said...

God is awesome! Thank you for sharing these pics and testimonies, they have blessed me. <3 Rebecca

Jamie E said...

Two of my friends were raped and chose life and actually kept the babies. Both of the kids were born within 13 months of each other and are much darker than the mamas, but still these women stand strong. I admire them tremendously!
Yay life!

~ Amanda ~ said...

lovely stories, thanks for sharing them!