Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Tsagaan Sar!

This week we traveled to Ulaan Baatar to celebrate the Mongolian Lunar New Year, or "Tsagaan Sar" (it means "white moon" or "white month")as it's called here. We had a good time filled with love, food and well, more food! We spent a night at Hetee's parents and fellowshipped with them and Hetee's brother and his wife and two beautiful babies. The the next day we headed over to Hetee's Grandma's house. Hetee is her oldest grandchild and she cried when we walked in. She was so happy to see us and the kids and it touched us, too, to see her so moved. She's is such a sweet lady!

The Fam:
Back row, L-R My sister-in-law Gerlee, Hetee's baby brother, Billy, their little girl, Ennie, Abi, Mel, Kenny and Hetee.
Front row, L-R My father-in-law, Jagaa, Hetee's Grandma holding Billy and Gerlee's youngest, Tushigee, Nate and my mother-in-law, Chimgee.

My beautiful sister-in-law, Gerlee and me

Abi and Great Emee (Grandmother)

I'd like to add more pics but Hetee keeps asking me if I'm done (I'm letting out a long Napoleon Dynamite like sigh...) So, more later!


Gombojav Tribe said...

Happy New Year Mel!

(btw, you forgot to list Kenny in the photo above.)

Marnie said...

What a beautiful family. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I really enjoy seeing your pictures.

Anonymous said...

i live in USA. I am from Darkhan. I saw you guys before. Wish you the best.