Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's Been Making Me Smile

  • God's amazing provision for our family through translation work. We have not been without work since we started translating 6 weeks ago. It has been non-stop and we have been given favor with 2 organizations who are keeping Hetee super busy!
  • Time to spend with family. Today we leave for Ulaan Baatar where we will spend the Mongol Lunar New Year with Hetee's parents and brother and the rest of our extended family. I'm not a fan of the Lunar New Year but ALWAYS a fan of family time!
  • Time off from school for Nate and I. We don't miss the early morning alarm!
  • Hot chocolate in my big, clunky mug
  • Our tickets are bought and we are just about ready to go!!! We don't have a clue what we will do in Malaysia yet but who cares?!
  • I get to see Amanda tomorrow!
  • Ice skating with my little girl
  • Talking and talking late into the night with my hubby. Always so refreshing!
  • Abi's new pink stockings. She finally outgrew her stockings from last year so it was time for a new pair. She's getting taller!
  • Hearing a dragging, scraping noise under the living room window at 1 in the morning and having a husband who was willing to go out in the freezing cold and investigate. Didn't find anything. Hmmm.
  • Feeling better after having been under the weather for a week.
How about you? What's been making you smile?


Sara said...

My friends, who I love sooo much, getting to go on a long awaited and needed (and deserved!) vacation.

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog : )

Love you Mel...Rebecca

Anita J. said...

I love your heart.

What has been making me smile? Funny things the children say, my husband's loving attention, little reminders of my big brother that feel like hellos from heaven, and connecting with my friends on facebook.