Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kenny-Man!

Kenny's birthday was on the 20th of June. We celebrated on the 19th with a small family party. For now, it would seem that we are Kenny's favorite people. He's more of the shy type and doesn't enjoy being the center of attention...

10 reasons why I love me some Kenny:
  1. he's super cuddly
  2. his favorite transformer is Bumblebee
  3. he comes to find me during the day just to tell me he loves me
  4. his brother is his best friend
  5. he wants to be just like his daddy
  6. he loves pancakes, just like mommy
  7. he's caring and sweet
  8. he loves to show off his muscles
  9. he's super excited about becoming a big brother
  10. he's a handsome little man who is going to grow up to do great things!

Happy Birthday. Sweet Kenneth Urnuun!

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