Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's been making me smile

  • after almost 3 weeks of sickness (mumps and a mystery virus), the children are feeling better and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Please keep praying; we're not completely out of the woods yet. Abi's mumps have moved to the other side and Kenny (the last one to catch the mumps) still has both sides swollen.
  • A couple days ago Nate and I started our summer reading program. We picked 5 books in both English and Mongolian for him to read a little every day. Our program will end in 3 weeks and he'll receive an erector set that he's been wanting. It does my heart good to see him reading so well in 2 languages.
  • Our crops are doing good and almost everything is growing. It's still early but I think we're going to have a great harvest!
  • This morning, after a fitful night's sleep with Kenny, Hetee took the kids and gave them their breakfast. I went back to bed for another 3 hours! I love that man.
  • Dinner with our friends last night. What was meant to be a date for Hetee and I turned into a dinner for 4. We had a great time and talked till almost midnight.
  • Molly is doing fine after eating what we think was a poisoned mouse. For about 24 hours we thought we might lose her but she pulled through! One life down, 8 to go...
  • Abi and her cute quips. The other day Nate was complaining about the clothes I picked out for him. Abi passed him in the hall and under her breath said, "don't bite the hand, Nate" (a line from Madagascar). Nate persisted to disagree with me and I told him that he would wear what i picked or stay home. Abi said in a louder voice, "You bit the hand, Nate, you bit the hand!" Laughter all around!
  • When Kenny slaps his hand to his forehead and exclaims "O boje moi" ("oh my god" in Russian).
  • My ultimate, all-time favorite highlight for this post is feeling the baby move! I have been enjoying our little one's movement for about 2 weeks now and it's such an incredible feeling that I never get used to. It's just cool. =)
What's been making you smile? I REALLY do want to know.


Cheri said...

What's making me smile? My husband is on his plane out of Baghdad today! He's coming home!

~ Amanda ~ said...

oh my, abi is sooooo funny. i laughed out loud at her "you bit the hand" comment. i can see the whole scene in my head. i love it!
i miss you, dear friend!
here's what makes me smile: seeing muji snuggle with jimmy and hearing him purr contentedly. (muji that is. hehe)
oh, and so glad you didn't lose sweet and fiesty molly.

Pro31 said...

1.Make a Horhog
2.Sleep well
3.Successful work
4.Spent time wth my granny
5.Seeing my church members twins
6.Nice weather
7.Kids playing outside of Zuslan. They feel like freedom every way ^O^
8.Drinking coffee, mmm ~~~
9.Good relationship wth my none christian colleagues.
10.Pray time wth my hubby every morning
11. Chating wth my old-friend almost every day
12.Writing about my list in here ~ "What's been making you smile?"

Diana said...

just be sure you keep the cows out of that garden, LOL

Anonymous said...

What's been making me smile...
1.Reading your blog
2.VBS (Crocodile Dock) at church
3.Evan singing his ABC's in his deep voice
4.My purple hull peas coming out absolutely delicious
5.Shaving cream fight with all the VBS workers tonight
6.Great friends and family
7.Hot, strong coffee early in the morning
Love you Mel!