Monday, November 06, 2006


Today was FUN! A bunch of my g12 ladies and I went to visit the ladies of our mission church in Hutul, a town about a 45 minute car ride away (but our taxi made it in 20--that was NOT the fun part, by the way.)

The reason it was such a great trip is because we went to visit a lady there who just had twin boys! We brought stuff to eat and lots of gifts for the mom of the twins and also for the wife of the leader of the church there who also had a baby boy a week before Kenny was born. Then as we were eating and fellowshipping 3 more moms (we ended up splitting the gifts 5 ways and were able to bless everybody!) came by and two of the brought their babies, both boys! One of my g12 ladies brought along her 16-day old baby girl and I had Kenny. The lady who didn't bring her baby had a girl. So, there were 6 babies in all, ranging in age from 16 days to 5 months. Boy, were we busy! But it was a great time to encourage and get to know one another--and each other's new babies!

I had a cute picture of all 6 babies lined up but I'm having trouble uploading it. I'll try again later.

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