Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

I overheard this conversation the other morning:

Nate: (from the top bunk) Abi, are you awake?
Abi: (from the bottom bunk) Yes.
Nate: Well, are you getting up or not?
Abi: Yes.
Nate: Well, hurry up!
Abi: Why?
Nate: Because I want to get up!
Abi: Then just get up, Naynay!
Nate: I'm not a lady. Ladies first, remember?
Abi: (Crawling out of her bed) Ok, Naynay, I'm up.

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Gombojav said...

Trying to teach Meg the concept of Ladies First when she was younger was hilarious. She used to shove and push Israel out of the way, shouting, "I get to go first! I'm a lady!"