Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well, my water boiler lies in pieces but the guy promised to have it fixed as soon as he finds the part he needs from an old boiler.

To tell you the truth I have more hope of the girl and her boyfriend keeping their baby than my water boiler getting fixed (which is ok). We met with them night before last and after talking and praying, they decided against the abortion. They have yet to sort through all of their options, one of them being giving their baby up for adoption ( probably to us). But at least the baby will have a chance at life. A concept that gives me goose bumps. To me, this is the ultimate face off with the devil, a real life or death situation. And we won!

As for my water boiler, I fear I'll have to concede victory to the dark side. There's still a chance that this part of the story will have a happy ending, though. Oh, the suspense!

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