Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You never miss your (hot) water till it's gone

So my water boiler broke day before yesterday. I didn't realize how much I used the thing until it went kaput. Now I'm having to heat up water for tea and coffee on the stove or in the microwave. I'm hoping I can get it fixed soon because we sure use it a lot during the cold months.

Other than that life is pretty normal. Although ministry life is never quite "normal". This is a run down of my day:

This morning I snoozed through 2 alarms then finally got up around 7:45.

I got up, got my coffee, prayed and looked over Nate's memory verse (didn't have time to read more because I snoozed). Then Kenny woke up so I nursed him.

Nate and Abi were stirring so I got them up and dressed and got our am routine going. After breakfast, art and "school" time got underway.

Afterward I got the kids their snack of cookies and milk then settled down to check and write some emails.

Then it was off to make, then eat lunch. At 1 pm my dear husband tells me we have a meeting at the church scheduled for 3pm (he's been known to do that soI'm kinda used to it). I put Abi down for her nap and took a quick shower. Then got out and nursed Kenny and put him down, too.

We took Nate to the church to hang out while we had our meeting. Bad idea. He rearranged a bunch of stuff on the stage. Then at one point I caught a glimpse of him holding a saw and someone was saying, "Hang on a minute, Nate, let me get you some wood."

The meeting at church was with a young couple who is dating. We just wanted to touch base and see how things were going. We've been having some purity issues with young dating couples over the past few months so we're "cracking down" on them, haha.

I should probably state at this point that the things written on this blog are strictly my personal point of view and not that of Christian Fellowship Mongolia. Not everyone there is a wacky as I am.

Well, I'm off to call a girl who is 5 months pregnant and her mom is supposed to be taking her to have an abortion tomorrow.

To be continued...

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