Friday, September 28, 2007

My Day

Today was Nate's last day at the dentist. For a while, anyway. He has to go back in 3 months for a check-up but other than that, he's a free man. To celebrate, Hetee took him to the toy store, as promised, and let him pick out the toy of his dreams. He chose a cool remote control car with a re-chargeable battery. Now he can chase me around and terrorize me without having to worry about the batteries dying. Niiiiice.

This afternoon Nate and I took a bike ride across town to my parents' house. He rode on the back of my bike and we had about a 30 minute ride one way. I hadn't ridden that much since I was 16! It was definitely an "eventure" as he calls it. During our adventure I had ample opportunity to teach him firsthand the virtues of sticking with something and not giving up even when it's difficult and you want to quit (in our case this would mean admitting defeat and calling daddy to come get us).

In other news, yesterday we got Miss Abi's ears pierced. And get this, the dentist who did Nate's teeth also does ear piercings so we got it done there. A one stop, root canal, ear piercing, packaged deal. Hm. Well, I'm impressed.

We'd had the earrings for a while (my mom brought the gold piercing earrings from the States) and Abi really had been wanting to do it. I tried to hold off but it was all she talked about! I told her it would hurt a bit but she still wanted to do it so we all pile into the car and head over to the dentist's office. After she was done with Nate, she called Abi in and got to work.

I wish I could say it went smoothly but it was a disaster, albeit a hilarious one. Abi freaked, shreaked and dove into my lap. Nate came bounding in and nervously tried to comfort her. The people in the waiting room were starting to look scared. I was trying to comfort her while trying to decide whether to proceed with the plan or abort! Hetee gave me the go-ahead and I told the dentist I'd hold Abi so she could do the other ear. I told Nate that Abi might like him to hold her hand, like I held his when the dentist was drilling, etc. He obliged and Abi gratefully accepted.

The dentist and I were both drenched in sweat, nevertheless we continued on to the second ear. Abi SCREAMED and Nate, out of shear instinct lunged forward to hold her but in doing so, hit the hand of the dentist who was holding the back of the earring. It flies across the room and she gets down to look for it. Both kids are screaming, scaring the living daylights out of the waiting room people. Hetee steps in and, thankfully, finds the back. We snap it on and get up to pay. Kids are still sobbing. The dentist shoes us out and says, "You can pay later! Just go!"

Reading over what I just wrote it sounds like I was really brutal to my kids. But, Abi LOVES her earrings and says she's not mad at me at all. She IS pretty dramatic.

I did learn something through all this. I learned that if you want your little girl to wear dainty little earrings you should have her ears pierced as a newborn OR let her grow up first and just ignore the pleading and whining that will definitely ensue until then. =)

I also made some green tomato bread. I had tons of tiny green tomatoes from the greenhouse that didn't turn red and I was wondering how in the world I would use them up before they rotted. This bread was really good and tasted just like zucchini bread. If anyone's interested I can post the recipe. Let me know!

Off to bed now...gotta get up early..meetings and classes and more meetings. Got a full day ahead!


Twila G. said...

Very funny post!! Though I'm sure you weren't laughing during the ear piercing ordeal. The whole "One stop dentist shop" concept was quite interesting. I'll have to suggest that to my dentist next time I go in! Maybe we can start a new trend here in the states:) Glad everyone survived! Nate definitely deserved that new toy. I'm glad he has that behind him. I hope you have a great day despite your hectic schedule. I am praying that God will give you wisdom and extra patience today!!

~ Amanda ~ said...

oh man, what a day! so glad that nate is done at the dentist for a while and that abi is enjoying her earrings. i want to see a picture of her cute ears if she'll let you take one. :)