Thursday, November 08, 2007


Nate, holding a pen and piece of paper out: Mom can you write a curse word?

Me, shocked: No, we don't say curse words and we don't write them.

Nate: But Grandma writes them all the time.

Me: Do you mean cursive words?

Nate: Yeah!


The other day Nate and I were watching an Animal Planet special on the Black Mamba snake of South Africa. Kenny was nursing and didn't seem to be paying any attention. Then all of a sudden he looked up, pointed to the TV and said, "Mamba". Nate was impressed.


Abi: Mommy, what are these bumps on my tongue?

Me: Taste buds.

Abi: HAHAHAHAHA, taste bugs! No mommy, what are they really called?

Me: Not taste bugs, taste buds, Silly.

Abi, laughing even harder: Taste butts?!


Twila G. said...

Ok, I definitely laughed out loud at this one!! Actually, my whole family did! Too funny!!Abi has quite a sense of humor.

EllaJac said...

I LOVE how kids talk sometimes. Just last night I posted a silly memory. I'm enjoying your blog tremendously, and I would love (would have loved, before letting them all rot) the green-tomato bread recipe! I'm sure I could put it to use next year.