Thursday, November 08, 2007

More Beautiful Faces of CFM

This last picture is of our orphan girls. They live in a government-run orphanage that keeps them until they finish 8th grade. After that, they're pretty much on their own. We minister to them at the orphanage and keep an apartment where they can bathe and get a good meal on the weekends.

Three orphan girls have lived at the apartment after reaching the age limit, with a girl from my g12, Ogii Tseegii, who is sort of like their older sister. They finished their high school with the help of Ogii Tseegii, and now, all 3 attend universities, a dream come true for them. The girls who still live at the orphanage come to church when they are allowed.

Please pray for us to continue this work. We desperately need money to provide these girls with an education and a place to live when the time comes. Also pray for Ogii Tseegii and the orphanage ministry as it grows and expands.


Twila G. said...

Thanks so much for these beautiful pictures. What a blessing to find out about the ministries you have and what a privilege to pray for these girls and this work.

Anonymous said...

Hi: I enjoyed your blog - is that Russian in the background of the pictures with the girls from the orphanage? It looked like Cyrillic. Email me at - I may not get back to your blog or remember where I was.

Merry Christmas.

Kathy P. in Tennessee