Thursday, November 08, 2007

What's Been Making Me Smile

  1. Kenny, repeating everything like a parrot.
  2. The thought of 5 days of peace and quiet and lovely afternoon treks through the snow-covered, Narnia-like pine forest.
  3. Abi volunteering to do dishes and doing a fine job.
  4. My new friends in Kansas.
  5. A first time mother calling me in a panic to ask if her knitting would cause her unborn baby's umbilical cord to become tangled.
  6. Making Nate eat his words when he said, "Girls can't play basketball."
  7. Sharing red beans with sausage and rice and cornbread with my Mongolian friends. (Thanks for the cornmeal, Twila!)
  8. The 3 hour nap I had this afternoon.
  9. Being a Titus 2 woman.
  10. A dash of cinnamon in my coffee.
What's been making you smile?

1 comment:

Twila G. said...

What's been making me smile?
Reading your posts!
Making pumpkin pies.
Watching Heidi line up all her dolls and stuffed animals and read to them.
Sending Christmas gifts to my missionary relatives in Haiti.
Caleb and Heidi begging to listen to Christmas music.
Getting a surprise date with my hubby.
My beautiful, soft Mongolian gloves!!! Thank you so much!!