Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nate and Kenny are both napping-- such a rare thing around here, to have them both napping at the same time. This gives me the peace and quiet I need to do some reflecting on the past year and maybe some planning for the upcoming new year.

Instead, this is what's occupying my brain space at the moment...

I stub my little toe on my right foot all the time. In fact, I think I may have stubbed it to death. It's been years since I can bend it so it's possible rigor mortis has set in. It has a nail but it's tiny and Hetee teases me all the time that I don't have a nail at all. I can't really argue in my toe's defense because I wouldn't actually call the little hard thing on the tip of it, a nail.

Anyway, I'm trying to quit, but like any bad habit it's hard to stop. It's like a tradition; every time I go into a room, I kick the doorway and stub my right little toe. It's not on purpose but I've almost learned to live with it. I suppose it's because I have bad balance and I tend to be generally accident prone. Maybe it's subconscious hate for my little right toe? Either way, I stubbed it on Christmas day. It was the mother of all stubs and I, a semi-grown woman, had to fight back tears of pain. It still hurts today so it must be still very much alive.

Anyway, Abi's walking around with her daddy's belt draped over her shoulders, saying, "Black Mamba!" trying to scare me. I'm not scared of snakes.

But doesn't this face just make you want to be scared of whatever it is she's trying to scare you with?


~ Amanda ~ said...

oh my goodness. the cutest face ever.

Twila G. said...

Now that is one cute ornery face! Absolutely adorable! I really do feel sorry for your poor little toe and your pain, but your story made me laugh out loud. Probably because I could relate so much. The bad thing is my problem happens to be hitting my head on things... not good let me tell you..

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

she's adorable!!