Friday, August 01, 2008

Frugal Friday: Bread Crumbs And Croutons

Bread Crumbs

OK, most of you with small children prolly (I misspelled that on purpose. Going back to my Louisiana roots) already know this one but making your own bread crumbs is a great way to save money and avoid waste.

The reason I started making my own bread crumbs is because we couldn't find "sukhar" (Russuan bread crumbs) here on a regular basis. Now, we can get them but I'm used to making my own and it beats paying close to $3.00 for a small container.

What I do is trim the crusts off my children's bread before their choice of spread goes on. I place the pieces of crust in a pizza pan and put it in a slightly heated oven for about an hour (you can warm the oven and turn it off after the pan goes in). Cookie and cracker crumbs can also be added.

After everything is dried out, place it in a blender and grind until it becomes a fine powder. You can sift or use as is.

Sometimes I add a dash of garlic powder and a teaspoon or so of Italian seasoning for yummy Italian style bread crumbs!



Croutons are something else we can't find here so I make my own. When I have a bread that's getting old I slice it and butter the pieces. I have my "crouton mix" (garlic salt, Italian herbs) all mixed up in a shaker and sprinkle it on the buttered slices of bread. I then cut the bread into small squares and place them on a baking sheet and bake in a warm oven (don't know exact temperature) until dry.

Store your bread crumbs and croutons in airtight containers. They keep forever!

For more frugal tips go to Biblical Womanhood and have a great weekend!


Audra Krell said...

Believe it or not, I had no idea how to make my own breadcrumbs. I make some mean croutons though. Thanks for the tip!

Audra Krell said...

Good morning Melanie, (well it's morning here!)Your blog looks very interesting and I appreciate you visiting mine as well. As far as the croutons, I have a little tiny cookie cutter. It is a gingerbread man, so especially at the holidays I cut the bread with him and it makes a very fun little crouton. I use olive oil, I just brush it on with a basting brush. I'll have to try the butter, I'll bet they're great! Have a wonderful weekend and many blessed adventures!

Sherry said...

We love homemade croutons! THey taste so much better than the box!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these tips. I also did not know how to make homemade croutons! Thanks for sharing your address! I teach Bible class for 2-3rd graders once a week after school and we will be starting up again the 2nd week in September. I think they will LOVE sending goodies to you and your family! You are doing such a wonderful service to people in Mongolia! Thanks and take care.


Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot to ask if there was anything we could send for anybody else such as new mothers, etc. Thanks!


Melanie said...


We look forward to keeping in ouch with your class!

Something our new moms need right now is diaper rash ointment. Also we could use chewable vitamins for the older kids.

Thank you!