Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thank You

...For the prayers and the well wishes regarding my last post. Once again, God is carrying us through this time and we can see it as a time to glorify Him for His faithfulness. We've yet to go hungry or lack something we really need. God is so good!

Last week Hetee asked if I would like to preach on Sunday. I immediately took him up on the offer as God had been putting some scriptures on my heart.

I felt I should speak about trusting God in the midst of hardship instead of questioning Him. And the suffering we endure from day to day (some more than others) is nothing compared to the glory that shall be revealed to us (Rom. 8:18).

This sermon really helped me regain perspective (I always preach to myself). Afterward, I heard of a woman from church who had just lost her mother. She also recently suffered a stroke herself. She said she had been asking "Why?" instead of trusting her Heavenly Father. The Word shared on Sunday reminded her that bad things happen but there will come a day when all suffering will cease and we will be comforted.

I hope this word encourages someone today, too. =)

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Cheri said...

When I the chance to lead Bible Study, I always try to work in one night where we focus on the blessings God gives us. It's so easy to get caught up in all the bad things that do happen (and might happen, are happening) that we forget to praise Him for our blessings and His overwhelming grace.

I miss leading bible study...